That's me, I have been in the beauty and fashion industry my whole life. I come from a family in the beauty world who have taught me so much about health, youthfulness and happiness. Not only did I learn about self care, I also inherited a massive amount of curly wild hair. I remember from freshman year of high school until 30 years old I blow dried and straightened my hair EVERY DAY.  Which took 2 hrs and I was late daily :)
Coming across this hair styler that does both at the same time without damage AND allows it be the volume lioness mane it wants to be. Going from 2 hrs to 15 minutes or less is a game changer! Now I want to share this amazing product with the rest of the lioness's out there! Let's get our time back AND still feel fab and chic.
  MANE STYLER, a simple shop for babes who love looking fabulous and saving time. The 3 in 1 styler enhances your wild MANE locks, in the most efficient way. We are not all looking to spend hours in the bathroom to get glam, sometimes less is more, including minimizing the choices of what you need to get amazing results.